New Partnership with Search Associates


2017 marked the launch of a new long-term partnership between UWS and Search Associates, a leading recruitment agency for international teachers who celebrated 25 years in international education this year. 2017 has also witnessed some major international milestones for our Partnerships Team as well, with our network of UK and Overseas Partner Schools exceeding 150 (our highest total yet!!) and expanding into 23 countries.

Small Steps Lead to Big Results:

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. With the support of Search Associates UWS is hoping to transform even more lives through education in Cambodia, and to reach even more classrooms around the world. Search Associates have offices in 22 countries, and in the last year UWS has featured at a number of their job fairs, including those in London, Cambridge, and Bangkok. Both our Partnerships Director, Jack Clark, and UWS Founder, Chris Howarth, have delivered presentations at these events, speaking to candidates and recruiters about the ways in which they can contribute to our mission. We would like to say thank you again to Search Associates for the amazing work that goes into these fairs that are such a delight to be part of.

Building A Future Together:

Search Associates have also committed to building and supporting their own UWS Community School in O Rey Village, Northeast Cambodia. This small village is home to two distinct tribes, Khmer and Kouy, and has long been divided due to the language barrier that exists across the 230 families who live in this region. Many Kouy tribe children have never been able to leave the parameters of this isolated community due to not speaking the national language, however, thanks to Search Associates, this is all about to change. The brand new school of UWS O Rey will provide education to over 150 previously out-of-school children, employ teachers who speak Kouy and Khmer, and is set to officially open this Autumn with the arrival of university-educated government teachers. You can read more about UWS O Rey in their October article here.

In funding this new school, various Search Associates offices are already making other commitments to UWS. For example, the Hong Kong office, led by Senior Associate Barry Drake, annually contributes to the ongoing costs of UWS teachers and is exploring possible ways of assisting with teacher in-service training schemes.

David Cope, the Executive Vice President of Search Associates commented: “We are really honoured and excited to have had the opportunity to support the education of the children in O Rey, and we look forward to continuing to support them in various ways.”


United World Schools would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Search Associates for their generosity and support in developing this exciting new partnership.