Myanmar Update

Kyar Tear Toe Bo is a village in the Shan State of Myanmar, home to over 200 children who had previously never entered a classroom. Like so many of the villages in which UWS operates, Kyar Tear Toe Bo is very remote and isolated, lacking any basic infrastructure.

At the end of last year, school resourcing was delayed due to localised flooding which blocked the paths into the village. Now the roads have dried out, access to the school is once again possible, the school’s building is complete and it is just awaiting its final lick of protective paint. Finally we can report that Kyar Tear Toe Bo has its own UWS school!

Our schools in Myanmar are currently closed for their summer break. This is essential for communities where air-conditioning remains an unknown luxury and temperatures regularly exceed 30°C. The schools will reopen at the end of May, when the rainy season starts and temperatures begin to drop. For now, the children of Kyar Tear Toe Bo are eagerly awaiting their first day of school when they will start learning to read, write and count.

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