My Kinda Crowd Charity Challenge, 2013

MyKindACrowd UWS LogoUpdate: This challenge is now closed.

The winner was Tamsin Page with ‘Shuffle’

Read Tasmin’s Winners Story


My Kinda Crowd Charity Challenge, 2013

Since mid-June we’ve been running a challenge through My Kinda Crowd as part of their 2013 Charity Festival. My Kinda Crowd is a site that asks companies and organisations to create tasks for students, who then submit their solutions and get rewards.

UWS’ challenge has been asking for lesson plans, of which the best 10 will be published in our teaching resources and used in the UWS Cambodia schools.

To enter or to find out more visit


The challenge has around three weeks remaining (closing date is August 30th, 2013), so please do share it with any students you know who might be interested!

The Challenge

In Britain, when we go to school, we learn key skills such as how to communicate with others, be creative and think logically.

UWS would like you to create a game that could be used in their schools. Put your teacher hat on and build a fun lesson or activity to help young people learn key skills, including:

  • Communication
  • Teamwork and Leadership
  • Creative Thinking
  • Logic and Reasoning

Keep your submission to one sheet that can be printed as a colour A4 page and sent out to the UWS schools for the teachers to use.

Top tips!

  • Think about your favourite activity, and why you enjoy it – anything from football, to artwork, music, a board game or even dancing! We’re looking for fun, engaging activities.
  • Talk to your teachers and friends about what makes a great lesson or learning activity.
  • Keep it simple, keep it safe and think about how it might be adapted for different aged students.
  • Remember your audience – the UWS schools are in remote corners of the Cambodian jungle, often without electricity, running water. UWS can provide simple learning resources, such as paper, pens and sports equipment.
  • Use pictures to describe your activity or game. Remember, many of these young people can’t speak fluent English.

 The Prize

UWS will choose the best 10 submissions and publish your game in their lesson plans and online as a part of their teaching resources. You will be sent a photograph of your game or activity in action.

Your plans will then be taken to the schools abroad and used by teachers to teach young people the skills you’ve included in your games and activities.

How to Enter

For more information and to enter visit MyKindaCrowd – UWS Charity Festival 2013