Life as a UWS in-country volunteer

When I first heard about this Project, I was impressed and convinced right away that going to Cambodia and teaching the children there was going to be special. Now, having been part of the in-country team, I can see that it has impacted me 100 times more than I had first imagined.

I have travelled a lot in my life but I can say with certainty that this trip has been the most thought-provoking and life-changing experience to date. I have never been able to experience the culture of a country before, as I did on this project. For one of the first times in my life, I feel like I have really made a difference for the greater good. Having helped people whom I previously didn’t even know existed, they have a permanent place in my heart. I feel I have done something which I can be proud of, having made an impact on the lives of these smiling children, on the future of these villages, and on Cambodia itself.

The residents of these villages speak their own language and have never learned the national language of Cambodia, Khmer. Now, with an education, these children have the chance to get a job, provide an income for their family, climb out poverty and avoid being cheated by people outside of the village because they are able to understand and communicate with them.

I feel so honoured and lucky to have had this opportunity. After 4 incredible days teaching and spending time together with these children, aged 3 to 17, it was hard to leave them. I have never connected to another person as easily and quickly as with these children: they touch your heart.

I can only hope that I have influenced their lives as much as they have affected mine. I now whole-heartedly support United World School and ConCultures, the German fundraising arm of UWS. I have seen for myself what they have achieved so far and I can envision how much they will achieve with even more support. I want to spread the word and fundraise for UWS because I now know where the money goes and the difference it makes.

I have met the children from the school that ConCultures is partnered with and a minimum of US $8000 a year is needed to run it. I have fallen in love with these children’s endless happiness and eagerness to learn.

So what I want to get through to you, whoever is reading this, is that I hope you will join me in supporting and donating to UWS because of the positive impact your actions will have on the lives of these children and the future of Cambodia.

Yours sincerely

Julia Hamblin-Trué

Julia, UWS and ConCultures long term volunteer in Cambodia with children

Julia, UWS and ConCultures long term volunteer in Cambodia with children