The latest from UWS, June 2014

It’s been a busy few months for UWS.  We’ve built more schools in Cambodia and broken the ground on our first schools in Myanmar.

Here are a few of the highlights you may have missed, taken from our Facebook page, Twitter Feed,  and newsletter.

Ian Caswell wrote our June “We want a school” newsletter

Chris and villagersRead the June newsletter or view it on this UWS blog post.

Ian also published a in depth evaluation report:

 “United World Schools – A research project evaluating the impact of delivering and establishing primary education in remote rural indigenous villages in Northeast Cambodia” (PDF).  

It’s well worth a read.  Thanks Ian.

Work in Myanmar picks up steam

UWS O Tabok is finished! 16th UWS school to be built in Cambodia!

A short video from WC Li Po Chun School’s recent visit to the UWS Schools in Cambodia. Great fun!

Location found for our 20th School

Tim answers the question, “what happens once you’ve built the schools?”

Upates from UWS Chairman’ Chris Outram

Monsoon footage from Chris Howarth and Sitha in Cambodia

Work starts on school number 18 in Narng Ket, Cambodia

Trialling the eCan projector system


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