Kang Daek village needs you! Support the 2016 Christmas Campaign

This year, the focus of our Christmas Campaign is a village in Cambodia: Kang Daek. Located on an island in one of the many tributaries to the Mekong river, Kang Daek is home to 243 families, nearly all of whom are subsistence farmers. Though a government school building was constructed in the village several decades ago, this is now completely derelict and the younger generations have been unable to make the difficult river crossing to attend a state primary school. In fact, there are as many as 500 children and teenagers in the village who simply have no school to go to. Without access to an education, these children and generations after them are likely to remain illiterate, living off subsistence farming, trapped in a cycle of poverty.
How can I help?
All this will change in 2017 when UWS Kang Daek School will open its doors. We have been working with the community to develop a school and train local teachers so that more than 160 students can begin learning to read, write and count. It costs just £50 to send a child to a UWS school for an entire year. That’s less than £1 a week – less than your average cup of coffee! We’re looking for 160 people to support these students through their first year of education, making them the first of hundreds of children in Kang Daek village who will learn to read, write and count over the coming years.
Where will my money go?
At the newly built UWS Kang Daek School, lessons will follow the national curriculum. Students will also learn art, music and sport. They will have access to books, games and puzzles. Just £50 per child provides all the basic resources that are needed throughout the year to give students an effective, engaging and enjoyable education. It will provide a fair wage for community teachers working in the school, and support the maintenance of buildings, latrines and a well. It will also pay for regular monitoring visits from the UWS teams, who will train local teachers and make sure children are receiving the best possible education. It’s never been easier to transform a life. Could you give up just one coffee a week next year so that a child can go to school in 2017?

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