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How a partnership with United World Schools provides excellent CPD opportunities for teachers
UWS Teacher in the classroom at UWS Tien School, Cambodia

How a partnership with United World Schools can provide your teachers with some excellent CPD opportunities

Training provision and positions of responsibility for teachers should be effective, to ensure both a successful school development plan and that the individual has gained the necessary skills and experience to develop their careers. With restrictions on budgets and leadership opportunities more scarce, teachers can often find gaining roles to develop their professional skills and profile hard to come by. A partnership with United World Schools can solve this, as well as provide for your pupils and school a full and enriching educational experience.

Effective CPD opportunities can often be difficult to pinpoint. Attending courses may give a good basis but returning to school and developing the skills learnt can be difficult without a specific focal point to test out this new knowledge.

Excellent CPD opportunities should:

  • Improve outcomes for pupils
  • Be collaborative (within school and with other colleagues and communities)
  • Be sustained
  • Be reflective
  • Be driven by a coherent long-term plan
  • Have a measurable and significant impact
  • Fulfil a need (school and professional)
  • Have scope for whole school and departmental development

“The UWS philosophy is fundamentally and intrinsically reciprocal to me as the co-ordinating teacher and the pupils at school. Leading this change in school has been of huge benefit to me and been central in my development in middle management and now beyond”

Jon Cooper, UWS Champion teacher 

United World Schools Champion teacher

The United World Schools partnership can provide an outstanding CPD opportunity for teachers at your school. A role as a UWS Champion provides for enthusiastic and career minded teachers the following experience to benefit their own development and that of the school and the pupils:

  • Leading a whole school strategy
  • Leading other staff
  • Event planning and risk assessments
  • Extra-curricular co-ordination
  • Fundraising and budgeting

“UWS has provided for our pupils an excellent and superbly organised experience. I simply cannot imagine a partnership for curriculum learning or a school trip with more genuine educational value and personal character building.

As a second year teacher I have been guided to develop my own professional skills and have already gained so much”

Anna Corrigan, UWS Champion teacher

A UWS Champion teacher also enables the school to benefit from the following:

  • Community links and developments – not only does the partnership provide clear links with the global community but also potential to involve the local community
  • Curriculum planning – cross-curricular link projects and individual subject topics can develop and explore aspects of culture, history, music, art, geography and religious studies
  • Improve pupil engagement and attendance – providing something that is real, extra-curricular and that pupils want to be involved in
  • Sixth Form provision – an excellent tool to inspire pupils to take the lead in events and fundraising in Sixth Form, plan to undertake an expedition, engage in service work during a gap year or as a means of gaining work experience
  • Further and varied development of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils at the school

“There have been some profound changes in the outlook of our pupils. For the last few years pupils have learnt so much and those able to come on expedition have taken this learning a step further. They have ‘done good’ on the expedition but more importantly they have been inspired to do more good for UWS and beyond. The partnership has been an important feature in our continued success in the school development”

Hadrian Briggs, UWS Champion teacher and member of a school Senior Leadership Team

“Pupils in all years had raised the money for UWS and we all felt part of the project. UWS is part of our school and having now visited Cambodia on a trip with them we have even more energy for the project”

Milly, UWS partner school pupil (Milly visited UWS schools on a Service Expedition with her school and was so inspired she volunteered for another 3 months after she left school)

“We think it is brilliant to be a UWS partner school. It is the sort of activity that made the school standout and it gave me a chance to lead something. I feel like I am making a difference!”

Laura (16yrs old). Laura went on from this assessment in Year 10 to be Head Prefect in Sixth Form

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