UWS 2016 Christmas Campaign: Give the Gift of Education

It costs just £50 to send a child to a UWS school for a year. That’s less than £1 per week. It’s also little more than many of us spend on a single Christmas gift. That’s why we’re asking you to make one addition to your Christmas shopping list, and give a child the greatest gift there is: an education. We work in areas of extreme poverty where simply learning to read, write and count can transform the lives of children and their families. Read below to find out how you can make a real and lasting impact this Christmas, or send an email headed UWS Christmas Campaign to [email protected] to receive information on how to donate.

A community that needs your support

Located on an island on Cambodia’s Mekong river, the village of Kang Daek is remote and marginalised. The community is desperately poor, living off subsistence farming, and children cannot make the difficult journey to attend a government school. Over the past few months, our teams have been working with the community to build Kang Daek village a school, so that hundreds of children can have the life-changing opportunity to learn to read, write and count. UWS Kang Daek is set to open in the new year, and we’re looking for 160 people to support it throughout 2017 by donating a year’s worth of education for a child in the village. For an idea of what life is like in Kang Daek village, click through our gallery below.

A unique Christmas gift

Supporters of the campaign will receive a certificate with information about the project, as well as regular photos and updates from UWS Kang Daek School throughout the year. A unique and inspiring christmas gift for friends and family! If you’re keen to do your bit but can’t commit to a full year, why not split the gift and support 6 months, 1 month or even a week.

How to donate

For more details and to find out how to donate, send an email headed UWS Christmas Campaign to Emma Tierney on [email protected]