UWS volunteers are helping change lives right now – raising vital funds, developing valuable skills, experience and friendships along the way.


Why volunteer with UWS?

UWS volunteers are helping change lives right now – raising vital funds, developing valuable skills, experience and friendships along the way.

Be inspired by the genuine desire to reach out to support those who are less fortunate and be in the company of dedicated like-minded people – while improving your own skills portfolio too. We know time is precious. So use yours to do something important.

How you can volunteer

Volunteer in a UWS School (Partner School students and teachers only)

We take up to 6 volunteers a year from any of our UWS Partner Schools. All placements are currently in Cambodia but we hope to offer additional volunteer places in Nepal by 2016/17. We ask all volunteers to be over the age of 17 and to commit to at least 12 weeks of teaching in their UWS School.
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Work with UWS

Have you got a specific professional skill that you think the UWS central team could use? If so, let us know about your experience so far and how much time you’re able to give.
Read about Sheena’s experience


One of the biggest barrier to providing education in rural areas is finance. We would love to be your charity of choice, either through regular giving  or one-off donations. All the funds don’t have to come from you, so could you could give your time and energy by organising an event or sponsored activity and donate the proceeds to teaching the unreached.

Get in touch via [email protected] and tell us what you are planning and we can link your donation to a specific project.
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Other ways to help

Tell others: We are always looking for new Partner Schools or donors to support our growing UWS Schools. Are you able to tell someone else about the work UWS is doing?

Volunteer Profiles

Volunteer with us!

Livia Benschu, a 19 year old student from Potsdam, was inspired to become a long-term UWS volunteer after visiting Cambodia with our German partner ConCultures in 2014. Livia has been in Cambodia since early January, working with our UWS team and in the ConCultures Partner School, UWS Roy.

Life as a UWS in-country volunteer

When I first heard about this Project, I was impressed and convinced right away that going to Cambodia and teaching the children there was going to be special. Now, having been part of the in-country team, I can see that it has impacted me 100 times more than I had...

Volunteer Profile: Sheena Pabari

Find out more about Sheena, who works for DMG Media, one of our partner organisations. Sheena has been a fantastic ‘champion’ of UWS and our cause, leading fund-raising and committing her time and expertise following her visit to Cambodia.

Volunteer Profile: Will Carp

Find out more about Will, a UWS supporter in the UK, who after hearing about the charity, supported the expansion in Cambodia by fund-raising with an epic paddle.

Volunteer Profile: Bella Busby

Bella’s experience of volunteering with UWS shows the kind of commitment we believe makes an impact on the remote, marginalised communities we work with.

Volunteer Profile: Hannah Watts

Read more about Hannah, a student from one of our partner schools, Atlantic College, who volunteered her time to raise funds for the schools in Cambodia.