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Video Transcript

“Hi this is Tim from United World Schools and this is an open invitation to the staff and students at your school to join us and to partner your school with a specific UWS Community School.”

“UWS work with communities in countries such as Cambodia and Myanmar to build schools and develop local teachers, providing a low cost and sustainable way to teach the unreached. In other words, this is an opportunity for your school to directly link with children who otherwise would have no access to education.”

“And in doing so, for sustainability we partner schools from affluent countries with their own UWS community school in areas of significant educational poverty.”

“In other words, we partner the elite with those at the other end of the educational spectrum.”

“We’re currently working with some brilliant schools in the UK, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, Bahrain, and the US, and as we continue to grow we invite your school to join and unite with our network of partner schools across the world.”

“With our partner schools we’ve so far reached over 4,000 of the poorest children in the world, transforming their futures, and we’re still relatively small as a charity so with your support there are thousands more that we can reach.”

“We know there are many fantastic school partnership opportunities out there. You probably get approached all the time and this is about far more than just fundraising for a great cause. It is a mutually beneficial partnership that can enrich curriculum, develop school culture, enable students to be active global citizens, to own the partnership, and be part of something that genuinely touches the lives of all of those involved.”

“For more information please contact me directly via my email. Thanks very much.”

What is a School Partnership?

Through school partnership we can transform the lives of 50,000 out-of-school children by 2018. Each of our Partner Schools are twinned with a specific UWS Community School serving some of the poorest communities on earth.

Our partnerships are reciprocal and tailored to suit your students and your UWS Community School. All of our Partner Schools commit to supporting a specific UWS School and can do so in a number of ways:

  • You can commit to transforming a whole village community by building a new UWS School
  • You can choose to sustain and support an existing UWS School, improving the life chances of its students
  • You can choose to fund  a project at their UWS School or join with other schools to build a new UWS School

Why Get Involved?

Our school partnerships offer benefits to students from across the education spectrum. For the UWS students the benefits are often the opportunity of access to an education, often for the first time in the history of their community.

For our Partner Schools this is no mere donor relationship, by partnering you with a specific UWS school your students can directly see the impact they are having on the lives of other children and their community.

We ensure Partner Schools get regular updates on their school, the student outcomes as well as offering some Partner School students and teachers the opportunity to visits and teach in their UWS School.

Bring the Curriculum Alive

A partnership with UWS can bring real educational benefits to a Partner School. We offer assemblies as well as real life case-studies for Geography, Economics, Citizenship, RE and for extended pieces of writing like the International Baccalaureate, coursework or university entrance applications.

By ensuring that students are partnered with a specific UWS School we offer more than just an anonymous example. Students are able to understand the background, history and culture of a very different community. They are not limited to a sample set of resources but can gain the latest images and reports from some of the most remote and poorest communities on our planet.

Develop Leaders

We encourage students to take ownership of the fundraising and learn about commitment, responsibility and most importantly leadership. We promote and award Global Citizenship badges based on the Learn, Share & Act framework allowing us to recognise and reward student commitment as well offering a flexible framework to meet the age and needs of the Partner School student.

Develop Character

Partnership with UWS aims to equip Partner School students to face a modern global world where inequality abounds. Partnership offers students the chance to take action and make a tangible difference. By taking part and seeing the improvement their actions have had on the life chances of others Partner School students develop the vital skills of empathy while combating the issues of student apathy. We believe that a school partnership with UWS helps creates global citizens equipped for the opportunities and challenges of the 21 Century.

Yasmin, a student at Tiffins Girls’ School, was inspired by their School Partnership to write an article on education – see what she says here.

See the impact

We will provide regular updates on your UWS School but we also welcome and help arrange for students, both current and alumni, to visit their UWS School to take part in teaching projects and understand the community they helped support. These are low cost trips that can offer students a chance to view and help a community that few from the West have ever visited. We also offer the opportunity for Partner School teachers to visit and teach at their UWS School on a short and longer term basis.

Stakeholder Recognition

School inspectors have praised UWS Partner Schools for their initiative and support of our charity. Parental feedback has been overwhelmingly positive citing the benefits of their children seeing effective philanthropy as well as the attractiveness of unique learning experience that a UWS partnership offers.

What does it cost?

The partnership is free for schools and there is no minimum fundraising target to becoming a Partner School. We ask schools to commit to a level that is appropriate for their school and students. To help, below is an overview of how little an education costs in a UWS School:

  • £1 covers the cost of educating a child in a UWS School for a week.
  • £20 puts an exercise book in the hands of every student in a UWS classroom.
  • £100 equips a whole UWS School with Sports equipment.
  • £300 annually secures training for teachers, UWS staff and volunteers.
  • £1,300 pays for two local teachers for a year.
  • £5,000 sustains a school annually.
  • £16,000 builds a much needed UWS School.

What do our partner schools say?


Jon Cooper, Red Mails SchoolUWS Cambodia has empowered our students to take part in something that is real… they see the difference they make, and take pride in it.
Jon Cooper, Red Maids’ School Bristol, Jong Partner School


The teaching and engagement of pupils is fabulous and it is wonderful to see the school in action.
Alexandra Cross, CAS Coordinator, Portsmouth Grammar School, Chai Thom Partner School

Chris Howarth discusses the Partner School Model



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