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David HendersonOur partnership with UWS has given our team a sense of purpose, opportunities to have fun for a good cause and, for those visiting and helping at the school in Cambodia, a life changing experience which has given them skills and grounding which they can apply once they return to their day job. David Henderson, A&N Media

UWS works in partnership with companies around the world to harness their expertise, people and funds – all of which are essential components in delivering our global mission. Consider working with UWS to create a mutually beneficial partnership that integrates your organisations objectives and stakeholder interests with corporate social responsibilities. There are many different ways your organisation can work with UWS including:

  • build & name a community school by committing to provide UWS sufficient funding
  • sponsor & sustain a specific or network of UWS community schools already established
  • sponsor one or several locally recruited and trained community teacher(s)
  • provide pro bono support – give us some of your business expertise to support our work and initiatives
  • adopt UWS as your ‘Charity of the Year’ and encourage employee volunteering and fundraising activities
  • donate suitable gifts in kind and help UWS deliver them to their in-the-field community schools
  • strengthen your senior management team through a corporate capacity sponsorship agreement
  • Promoting responsible business behaviour and practice by becoming a UWS corporate ambassador

“I work for an educational institute called Stafford House International, and that’s how I learned about United World Schools when we ran a fund raising campaign across three countries. Shortly after I had an opportunity to experience what UWS does first hand, by visiting one of theirs school in the village of Gnang Som Thom deep in the jungles of NE Cambodia.  It was not an easy place to get to, first we travel by car for nearly nine hours then about an hour by water to a very warm welcome by the village and UWS. This particular school teaches the approximately 250 students how to read, write and numbers in the national language by training local teachers and also helping the local community by providing clean water.  The school is a major part of the village, in additional providing an education, it allows the children to have an childhood, and allows children to be children and play in the large playground however most importantly it gives hopes to the community of a better and brighter future.  UWS was very helpful with our every need during the visit there, from food to accommodation, local guides to translators, they were absolutely amazing.  This was such an amazing and eye opening experience that I will never forgot.”

Brochures and Reports

One Page Introduction to UWS

A quick and easy to digest one page introduction to United World Schools.

Transforming 50,000 Lives

We are delighted to have launched a £1 million campaign to build 150 schools and transform 50,000 lives.

Annual Report - 2014

UWS 2013/2014 Annual Report.

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