Sponsor a UWS classroom!

UWS is delighted to report that there are now 10,000 children attending one of 50 operational schools in Cambodia  – two amazing milestones that we have reached because of your generosity and support. Children in these communities are now learning to read, write and count. This doesn’t eradicate poverty overnight, but it does provide an opportunity for long-term, sustainable change.

Our schools in Cambodia have fantastic student attendance with 180+ children attending each school. This means, however, that 23 of our schools are now full to capacity and bursting at the seams with children who want to learn. We need help to build new classrooms so these children can continue to receive the education and opportunities they deserve.

Time is of the essence with this project as we move into the dry season in Cambodia, the perfect time of year for building to get underway! We are therefore seeking sponsorship support so we can provide these communities with new classrooms and the necessary learning space these children need.

It costs USD $4500 or GBP £3,750 to sponsor a brand new classroom for one of our schools. In doing so, you will provide learning space for an additional 40 children to learn to read, write and count. With your invaluable support, we can transform the lives of even more children who have been denied access to an education.

Interested in sponsoring a new classroom? Contact us now: [email protected]