To hell and back in the spirit of charity

Enjoy reading about the Hell Down South charity run courtesy of Ollie from Churcher’s College:

Date: 14 Jan, 2017

Location: 51˚N, 1˚W Longmoor Training Area

Unit: Grenville and Rodney, Sixth Form

Captain in Chief: Mr Murray

Operation: Hell Runner – Hell Down South

Objective: To raise money for United World Schools

Mission: A detachment of elite Chucher’s College 6th Form were deployed to the training area at 0932 GMT ZULU. Their target was to complete a brutal 10 mile race across the most unforgiving terrain Hampshire and the Devil could produce. The elite squad had to scale valleys and gullies, squirm through mud, wade through water, break ice on puddles, and smash through mental barriers. The march was hard and the challenging terrain soon took a toll on those not tough enough. The Churcher’s squad ran past grown men wailing and crying! The Churcher’s team smiled at the challenge that they faced and ate the distance with mean satisfaction. The Churcher’s detachment endured because they were running for the purpose of education in the most remote parts of the world: a temporary discomfort was outweighed by the gain for 150 children in Mude village, Nepal.

Summary: All ten brave souls completed the run with strong performances. For our unit the target was simply to survive with a smile: we achieved this. While completing a huge personal goal Grenville and Rodney also managed to raise £521 for United World Schools. Thank you for the support of everyone who donated and had faith in our little team.