UWS supporters take on the Mongol Rally

UWS supporters Freddie and Allie are preparing to take on ‘the greatest motoring adventure on the planet’, The Mongol Rally. The pair will be driving more than 20,000 km across Europe and Asia, beginning their journey in England and ending it in Ulan Ude, in Siberian Russia. The ride will take them across mountains, deserts, the Mongolian Steppe and numerous border crossings. They will have no backup, no GPS, no support from the organisers. The only rule? Their car must be ‘farcically small’, with no more than a 1.2 litre engine.

Sponsored by Restor FX, Freddie and Allie – or ‘Team Restor FX’ – are setting out to ‘restore the world, one km at a time’. Through their adventure, the team hope to raise enough money to build a brand new UWS school, giving children from an entire community the chance to go to school for the first time.

If you would like to follow Freddie and Allie on this adventure and sponsor their incredible journey, please visit their website and make a donation.