Developing Student Leaders

At the core of our UWS model is the desire for our school partnerships to be reciprocal. For our UK and international partners to experience tangible benefits from supporting a specific community in Cambodia, Myanmar or Nepal. One example of this in 2016 has been from the King’s School in Canterbury.

In February, student leaders from the Sixth Form at the King’s School led a group of pupils into two local primary schools. The aim was to give younger students an idea of what education is like in rural communities and to highlight the transformative power education can have. The primary schools were well selected since King’s partner school is UWS Gufa in Eastern Nepal and a number of the primary school students are from families of serving and ex Gurkhas. The students  enjoyed sharing some videos, including the one below which shows the community in Gufa counting to ten in Nepalese.

The school are now looking at extending these links to see if they can involve the local primaries in their fundraising for UWS Gufa.

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