Case studies and reports

A selection of United World Schools reports and case studies, available as PDF downloads.

More on partnering your school

Partner Your School Presentation

Presentation for prospective partner schools interested in working with UWS.

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One Page Introduction to UWS

A quick and easy to digest one page introduction to United World Schools

Partner school case studies

Case studies from our partner schools and how working with UWS has benefitted them and the marginalised children UWS supports.

Red Maids’ Case Study

  • Jon Cooper of Red Maids’ School Bristol describes the positive effects partnering with UWS has had on his pupils.
  • Jon includes advice on how to increase engagement from students and parents.
  • “Make sure pupils are made aware of the project early on so they can take ownership of ensuing activities”.

Royal Guildford School Case Study

  • RGS describe the positive effects of partnering with UWS.
  • The report includes advice for new or prospective partners on how to get buy in from parents and other interested parties.
  • Get parents on board early: parent support has made the RGS partnership a success and partnership coordinators’ jobs easier”.

Portsmouth Grammer School Case Study

  • PGS describe the positive effects of partnering with UWS.
  • The report covers the importance of sustainability to UWS work and includes many fundraising ideas for schools.
  • “The UWS partnership is in the bloodstream of the school now.”  Year 9 Pupil

Presentations and other resources

Transforming 50,000 Lives

Building on our success over the last six years, we are delighted to have launched a £1 million campaign to build 150 schools and transform 50,000 lives. We need your support to achieve this. The enclosed presentation describes why our campaign is so important.

Please get in touch at [email protected] if you are interested to find out more and contribute.

UWS Evaluation Report - Ian Caswell

Ian Caswell volunteered pro bono for UWS in Cambodia March – May 2014 and has written this report.

Ian is an educational consultant, a qualified teacher and has previously led the MA in Educational Innovation at the University of Warwick.

Report’s full title: “United World Schools – A research project evaluating the impact of delivering and establishing primary education in remote rural indigenous villages in Northeast Cambodia”