Carol Vorderman presents BBC Radio 4 Appeal

We are delighted to announce that Carol Vorderman, television personality and author, will be voicing the BBC Radio 4 appeal this coming Sunday on behalf of United World Schools.

Carol will be telling Thida’s story, an 11-year-old Cambodian girl preparing to sit her national exams. Before United World Schools built a school in her village, Thida had to make a hazardous 3-hour journey through dense jungle, only to be taught in a language she didn’t understand. Thanks to generous donations, we are able to give children like Thida a free education, teach them the national language and train teachers in their area.

Tune in on Sunday 23rd July at 07:54 and 21:26 to hear about the work that UWS is doing to help Thida and other children living in the world’s poorest and most remote regions. We hope that the BBC appeal will raise valuable funds to go towards building new schools and supporting the communities we work with. Please spread the word to your friends, families and colleagues to listen in!

You can listen to the appeal online or on the radio at FM 92-93 / FM 103-105.

Visit the BBC Radio 4 appeal page here.

Listen to Carol’s audioboom YouTube video here.