For every donation you make, a child’s life is transformed through education. For every school we build, over a hundred children gain access to the tools they need to transform their futures. As we celebrate the opening of out 100th UWS School, we also wanted to look back at the impact that your support is making on children around the world.

The journey so far:

Since United World Schools first launched we have put over 18,000 children into school, trained over 500 teachers, and built 100 schools (and counting!). We are still as passionate about the power of education as when we first started, and would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported our work over the years.

UWS Life Stories: Bishal

Bishal Khulal is a 10 year old boy from Majhua Village in Eastern Nepal. He attends UWS Majhua School and and studies in Grade 5. Bishal’s teachers describe him as an inquisitive learner and he loves going to school.

He is part of a big family, with three other siblings. His parents are farmers, and his oldest brother works as a local shopkeeper. Bishal’s older sister also attends UWS Majhua School, and Bishal hopes that if he studies hard one day he can become a pilot. He wants to learn how to fly a plane, and dreams of flying his parents to somewhere far away and exotic.

Everyday Bishal wakes up at 6am to complete some homework because after school he works as a cowherd. He is often seen working in the field with a book in his hand. Bishal said his favourite books to read are General Knowledge books as well as Nepali literature. His favourite time of the day is recess when he gets to play football with his friends.

Bishal is at UWS Majhua School currently but hopes to go to UWS Mude School for their higher education programme. His schooling will provide him with the foundation he needs to achieve his dreams and transform his future.


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