The UWS Vision

To teach the unreached: where children in remote and post-conflict areas have access to basic education and improved life chances.

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The UWS Mission

We work with communities to build schools and develop local teachers, providing a low cost and sustainable way to teach the unreached.

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13,000 children in school

UWS has already brought education to more than 13,000 children who would not otherwise have had the chance to go to school.

Why UWS?

50,000 Children in School

UWS’ medium-term goal is to reach 50,000 children and young adults, ensuring they can read, write and count.

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United World Schools creates educational opportunity for children living in the world’s poorest regions. We are driven by our global mission to help reach children that do not receive even the most basic education.

We build schools and support communities by providing a free basic education for children who would otherwise go without.

United World Schools is transforming the lives of some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable children.

We have a unique, scalable and sustainable model that has the potential to change the face of primary education in the parts of the world that most need it.


Every penny donated goes towards helping girls and boys in marginalised and post-conflict communities.

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Partner your school

Partner your school

Partnering your school with a specific UWS Community School so you know both where and also the impact your support is having.

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Partner your organisation

UWS works in partnership with companies around the world to harness their expertise, people and funds – all of which are essential components in delivering our global mission.

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UWS volunteers are helping change lives right now – and developing valuable skills, experience and friendships along the way.

Why we do what we do

The key numbers and what it means on the ground

59 million children have no access to a basic primary education

Of these children, 25 million are in the rural, low-income, post-conflict regions that UWS targets

At the same time international aid to basic education has been falling since 2010

And less than 1/3 of the aid is allocated to low-income countries

If all children in low income countries achieved basic reading skills, 171 million people could be lifted out of poverty

Due to the poor provision of basic education there are 774 million illiterate adults in the world today

The Marginalised Children UWS Supports
Prospects remain bleak for some
Assembly, Jong School, Cambodia

Without a basic education, the children we work with have little chance of climbing out of the poverty they were born into

They’re stuck in a cycle of poverty, at a greater risk of malnutrition, illness and disease

Education is the key to unlocking a country’s potential for economic growth, improved health, gender equality, peace and good governance

UWS in numbers:

children have had the opportunity to attend a UWS school since 2008

locally based teachers are employed and receive regular training, supported by UWS

UWS school development projects across Cambodia, Nepal and Myanmar

Operating costs remaining low; most schools cost less than US$1 per child per week

We transform lives

Nang Ron, 10 years old

Nang Ron, 10 years old

“My mother died some years ago when she gave birth; the baby also died. Now my older sister takes care of me. My father works on the farm. My sister and I help him in the fields and look after the chicken.”

“Other families have motos, but we don’t. We save all we have for our daily life. When I learn in school I will help my father to earn money. Then I will buy my family a motorbike. I like school and I cannot wait until it starts at the end of the rainy season.”

As well as developing her own abilities, being a UWS pupil will help Nang to realise her dream of providing a motorbike for her family. By learning the skills needed to communicate and work outside of her village, Nang will be able to help her family prosper when she is older.

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Why is UWS different?

We have a proven, sustainable and scalable model

We work where we’re wanted and needed

UWS insist on buy-in from both the state and the local community before we start

We plan our exit from the outset

Once a school is successful and self-governing it is handed over to the local community, becoming part of the country’s education system

“Our UWS School has had a huge effect on the village. It gives us hope for the future, hope for our children and hope for our community.”

Village Elder, Katcham Village, Cambodia

“Our long term plan is clear. Once the schools are successful, self-managed and sustainable, we hand them over to the local community and state education system.”


UWS Management Team

We offer exceptional value for money investment

We work in areas where we can make a big impact for a small outlay, providing education for as little as $1 per child per week

We form global education partnerships to fund each school

UWS match each school with more affluent partner schools to fund the school build and ongoing support

“Having seen the schools and been personally involved, what struck me was how much is being delivered for so little – it’s one of the best value for money development opportunities I’ve ever seen.”

Sheena Pabari

UWS Volunteer and Donor

“UWS Cambodia has empowered our students to take part in something that is real… they see the difference they make, and take pride in it.”

Jon Cooper

Teacher, Red Maids' School

Why you should help

  • UWS is transforming the lives of children in some of the poorest parts of the world by providing them with free primary education. Be part of this story.
  • Working in the poorest parts of the world means we can keep our costs low whilst still achieving tremendous impact. Your money goes further.
  • The UWS team has proven its educational concept, value and scalability across three countries already. Help us take it to scale and benefit thousands more children.
  • UWS delivers a phenomenal return on your donation: primary education for each student costs $200 and would generate an incremental $33,000 over that student’s lifetime – your donations offer a social return on investment of 16,500%.

Join us

The UWS team is commited to action and improving educational provision in every single area we work. We encourage others to take action, get involved, and make their own impact.

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